Mama and the Rev (SPUMCColumbus)


St Paul United Methodist Church in Columbus, GA. "Growing the Faith of people."
S2E4: Christianity Precedes the Bible (Guest: John Boyd)S2E3: The Good, The Bad, and God's GraceS2E2 - Yes ... And ...S2E1: Anger versus CompassionEpisode 28: Step Out and Feel the WindEpisode 27: Present at the Intersections with Jake Hess, IIIEpisode 26: Choose Or Something Will Choose YouEpisode 25: You’ve Just Been ServedEpisode 24: A House for GodEpisode 23: God Is SufficientEpisode 22: Don’t Cancel the Love of GodEpisode 21: Leave Them There (Guest: Laura Marvets)Episode 20: The Refreshing Presence of GodEpisode 19: In Cahoots with GodEpisode 18: Christmas Perspective – MaryEpisode 17: Christmas Perspective – The MagiEpisode 16: Carrie Strickland & Complete SurrenderEpisode 15: Judy Martin Hess and InterruptionsEpisode 14: Seeing More than a Valley of Dry BonesEpisode 13: When Faith Intersects with God’s Faithfulness