The Gua sha Show

Clive Witham

Despite being used in East Asia for centuries, Gua sha is often misunderstood in the West. Join Clive Witham (best-selling author of 4 Gua sha books and a practitioner for 20 years) as he shares his entertaining insights into the world of Gua sha and Eastern medicine. Whether you treat yourself or treat professionally and whether you're interested in beauty or health, there's something for everyone! Packed with self-treatment tips, professional secrets and great advice on how to treat your body and face with Gua sha!

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9 Safety tips for Gua sha!
Apr 2 2022
23 mins
9 Safety tips for Gua sha!Reenvisioning Facial Gua shaThe Gua sha ProjectHow to treat perimenopause with Gua sha!Facial Gua sha for eye bags and dark rings4 Reasons why you should use Gua sha over your headHow you learn traditional scraping therapy in East Asia!Why I do Gua sha!How is Gua sha being used in the current pandemic?Why Gua sha isn't for everyone!What are the benefits of Facial Gua sha?How does Gua sha help puffiness in your face?Which is the best Gua sha tool?Why are there red marks on your skin after Gua sha?Where does Facial Gua sha come from?Can Gua sha treat acne?How do you use a Gua sha tool on your face and body?What are the benefits of Gua sha?What's the best Facial Gua sha technique?Can Gua sha help relieve back pain?