The Digital Triplet Podcast

Innovatia Accelerator Inc.

A podcast about the human side of digital transformation and how it will affect workforces around the world. Each episode industry expert Alex Palmer will be interviewing leaders in digital transformation, learning, operations and IT about the concepts, practices and experiences that leading thinkers are applying to the toughest digital transformation problems.This podcast is sponsored in part by Innovatia Accelerator Inc. Want to learn more about Innovatia Accelerator Inc. or its industry-leading knowledge management solution AcceleratorKMS? Head to http://www.AcceleratorKMS.com
Educational requirements for the modern workforceWhat keeps a plant manager awake at nightHow the Digital Twin and Digital Triplet work together through the eyes of a Power Generation ManagerHow digital transformation enhances work through the eyes of a Power Generation ManagerThe importance of a digital-driven workplace through the eyes of a Nuclear Navy VeteranExploring the Digital Triplet in Improving Process IndustriesThe evolution of process industry through the eyes of a Process EngineerPlanning Digital Transformation with a Process Engineer