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📍 Epic Engagement Adventure: Expert Event Engagement with Blaney Teal
Dec 5 2022
📍 Epic Engagement Adventure: Expert Event Engagement with Blaney Teal
This week's guest on my podcast is the amazing Blaney Teal!  She is a proud mother of two and a successful, modern-day “Mompreneur” from Baltimore, MD. She has impacted the lives of countless entrepreneurs and business owners with her vibrant, energetic, and magnetic personality. With over 25 years in the entrepreneurial space, Blaney loves sharing her business tips and experiences with everyone she meets.  Blaney started her first business at the age of seven and has never looked back. Her passion for helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business is apparent from the 1st time you meet her.   Blaney is the Founder of Making Business Connections (MBX), a premier state-wide networking organization that just expanded globally. She is known as the The Frugal Techie Coach and is the Founder of the Next for Success Accelerator Academy. Blaney is passionate about helping business owners implement strategies and systems to shorten the learning curve and save them both time and money which has now evolved into helping entrepreneurs and business owners create unique online summits, conferences, and expos that as fun to host as attend!  She is also a contributor to the Amazon Best Seller book: 1 Habit for Entrepreneurs that is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for the LARGEST book on Entrepreneurship and author of the upcoming book “The Lunch Date: Why Skipping Lunch is Hazardous to your Wealth!”   Get Blaney's Frugal Techie Resource Guide right here: https://nextforsuccess.biz/freegift Want to connect? Me too.  Join the We Kick Bot community - full of people just like you who want to make it rain without selling their souls.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/epic-engagement-adventure/message