Understanding neuroscience, understanding effectiveness: taking coaching to the next level

Leaders Who Love What They Do

Jan 11 2023 • 25 mins

Coaching can feel like a black box!  Why does it work?  How can asking questions help someone change the way they think and behave?  Exploring the neuroscience behind transformation and effectiveness is important not only for coaches, but also for leaders who are embarking on coaching to make the most of a coaching programme and even take it further for themselves.

My guest today is the leader of the Advanced Diploma that I'm studying right now: Ann Betz.   Ann explains why she was drawn to neuroscience and how she has  used it to take her coaching to a different level, understanding what we need to be truly effective and creative: an appropriate amount of stimulation, an ability to regulate emotions and to allow our brains to function with flexibility and adaptability by understanding the different components of the brain.  The best leaders are those who  use those parts of their brains to be flexible to communicate the big picture with empathy and to provide detail and structure: to zoom in and out, using both sides of the brain effectively to communicate well.

References: Daniel Siegel, Mindsight: The Science of Personal Transformation 2011

About Ann Betz:
Ann Betz, CPCC, PCC, MNTC, is the co-founder of BEabove Leadership and an international speaker and trainer on the intersection of neuroscience, coaching and human transformation.  In 2011, Ann studied neuroscience at the graduate level, and using this fascinating research, in 2012 co-developed (and is senior leader for) BEabove Leadership’s popular training program for advanced coaches: Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching. This program has been offered in-person worldwide and is now available in an in-depth virtual format.

Ann was a faculty member and served as the neuroscience consultant to The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) for many years. She provides neuroscience, leadership and coaching consulting to many other corporations and non-profits, including the International Coach Federation.  A certified professional coach for 20 years, Ann is the author of a groundbreaking white paper on brain research and coaching. She contributes to Choice Magazine, Coaching at Work, Coaching World, the ICF and CTI’s blogs, and other coaching and HR publications.

Ann is the lead author of Integration, the power of being Co-Active in work and life, an exploration of consciousness and the future (John Hunt Publishing, 2015), as well as a ground-breaking white paper on the neuroscience of the International Coach Federation coaching competencies.  Read Ann’s blog on the brain at www.yourcoachingbrain.wordpress.com and poetry at www.eccentricspirit.wordpress.com.


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