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Jennifer's Body Review: Looking Back at a Film That Was Way Ahead of Its Time —Episode 148
Jun 28 2023
Jennifer's Body Review: Looking Back at a Film That Was Way Ahead of Its Time —Episode 148
Following her breakout hit “Juno” released in 2007, writer and producer Diablo Cody was suddenly one of the hottest names in Hollywood so it didn’t take long for her next script to get picked up and given the greenlight into production with Megan Fox signed to star in the film.  Cody once again partnered with Jason Reitman on production with Karyn Kusama brought on as a director. Influenced by films like “The Lost Boys” with hopes of exploring a different side of horror, Cody said that her script spoke to female empowerment while also exploring the complex relationships between best friends.  The film ultimately bombed at the box office but in the years since its release, Cody and Kusama’s movie has become a cult classic while also being celebrated for queer themes with essayist Carmen Maria Machado praising the movie and the exploration of “the central body of water that is bisexuality.  The film centers around two best friends — one of whom is attacked and sacrificed by a mediocre band seeking fame and fortune but instead of dying, she returns with a powerful demon inside of her and an insatiable thirst for blood…  In the latest episode of Rewind of the Living Dead, we make sure nobody gets in the creepy van and promise to last more than four minutes as we look back at the 2009 film “Jennifer’s Body”…  Music courtesy of Andrew Scott Bell