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A podcast for true horror fanatics. Each week we will take a deep dive into the best horror films of all time and some movies that aren't so great as well. We will also review current horror films and break down different categories including our favorite performances, the best gore, the best lines and if these movies truly scared us or not!

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Throughout the 1980s, the “Nightmare on Elm Street” film series was one of the most popular horror franchises with fans regularly flocking to the theaters to see what new group of teenagers would be sliced and diced in their dreams by the demonic Freddy Krueger. After three films with a fourth on the way, New Line Cinema — the studio that produced the “Nightmare on Elm Street” films — decided to take a stab at bringing Freddy to the small screen by developing a new series based around the popular horror villain. Because Freddy was such a killing machine in his movies, the producers opted against a serial season with one continuing storyline, the decision was made to make the show an anthology. That meant Freddy and by extension the man behind the makeup, Robert Englund, would serve as a host of sorts introducing each episode and then appearing in only a few particular stories during a season. The show ended up serving as a launching pad for many famous careers including Brad Pitt, Kyle Chandler and Bill Camp. The first episode in the series directed by Tobe Hooper and titled “No More Mr. Nice Guy” actually told the origin story behind child killer Freddy Kreuger and the parents from Elm Street who sought revenge after the legal system failed them. In the latest episode of Rewind of the Living Dead, we’re going to sharpen our razorblades and dust off our red and green sweaters as we discuss the newly re-released series “Freddy’s Nightmares”…Plus a special announcement about an upcoming "Nightmare on Elm Street" series on Rewind of the Living Dead!
Mar 2 2022
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