Episode 1: Passages

Intertwined: The Enslaved Community at George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Nov 15 2021 • 40 mins

Episode 1: “Passages”

Sambo Anderson was just a boy when he was captured in West Africa, survived the Middle Passage, and purchased by an ambitious George Washington sometime in the late 1760s. During his years of enslavement at Mount Vernon, Anderson became a carpenter, a husband, and a father. In this episode, we tell the story of Anderson’s life to explore the rise of slavery in the Chesapeake Bay region, George and Martha Washington’s connections to the transatlantic slave trade, and the laws that marked the boundaries between slavery and freedom in Virginia.


  • Dr. Brenda Stevenson, Hillary Rodham Clinton Endowed Chair in Women’s History, St. John’s College, Oxford University
  • Dr. Lorena Walsh, Research Historian Emerita, Colonial Williamsburg
  • Dr. John C. Coombs, Professor of History, Hampden-Sydney College
  • Dr. Lynn Price Robbins, historian of George and Martha Washington and Early America
  • Jessie MacLeod, Associate Curator, George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Full transcripts, show notes, and bibliographies available at www.georgewashingtonpodcast.com.