Episode 3: Revolutions

Intertwined: The Enslaved Community at George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Nov 22 2021 • 44 mins

Episode 3: “Revolutions”

William Lee was George Washington’s trusted enslaved valet. For over two decades, he attended Washington from early morning until nightfall. In times of peace and war, Lee rode with Washington through Mount Vernon’s fields, out to his western lands, and into battle against the British. In this episode, we follow Lee’s journey to investigate revolutions in Mount Vernon’s agricultural life, American politics, and Washington’s views on slavery.


  • Dr. Bruce Ragsdale, former Director of the Federal Judicial History Office
  • Jessie MacLeod, Associate Curator, George Washington’s Mount Vernon
  • Dr. Cassandra Good, Assistant Professor of History, Marymount University
  • Dr. Lynn Price Robbins, historian of George and Martha Washington and Early America
  • Ramin Ganeshram, Executive Director, Westport Museum for History and Culture

Full transcripts, show notes, and bibliographies available atwww.georgewashingtonpodcast.com.