Daf shvui/Weekly daf: Baba Bathra 14b-15b

Daf Shvui/Weekly Daf: Give me forty minutes or so and I'll give you a daf or so

Feb 18 2020 • 46 mins

Another week, another daf/page of Talmud.
Welcome to the no prerequisites, no judgement, no commitment Talmud study podcast. Grab your favorite beverage, or step into the great outdoors, and dive into the sea of Talmud with me.
In this week's daf we meet the council of 10 Sages who were King David's collaborators in writing Psalms; we answer perennial questions like "Who wrote the Book of Ruth?" "Did Ezra really write the book of Ezra?" How did Moses complete the Torah if the Torah says he died before the end of the Torah? And Job. Lots of conversation about Job, and good, and evil, and reward, and punishment; and who was Job?
This week's daf can be found:
1. Vilna page (hebrew and aramaic) from Hebrewbooks.org
2. Hebrew and English from Sefaria.org
3. Hebrew and Aramaic with many commentaries from Alhatorah.org