Mandy Barbee Lanier -CEO/Founder Paladium Mind Inc.

The Jason Cavness Experience

Jan 10 2022 • 1 hr 23 mins

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Mandy Barbee Lanier – CEO/Founder Palladium Mind Inc. We talk about the following Rock climbing and Alpine climbing Traveling Palludium Mind Inc. Leading Teams Helping people become better Mandy’s Bio Mandy Barbee Lanier, MA Economics & CCHT is a Performance Coach and three-time Founder with 20 years experience leading teams (large and small) in the military, corporate, and clinical worlds. She helps successful people, especially those leading their own teams, thoughts, and industries, to completely transform / convert anxiety, self perception issues, fear and disconnection into their unique advantage, and fully access their personal power in weeks not years, using her system & framework, Power Play™, combined with their innate capacity for imagery. Her company Palladium Mind Inc empowers and equips others to identify and permanently resolve the root cause of core inner blocks, and strategically edit and align behaviors, thoughts, and reactions with their highest values, in order to enjoy their success. Her services provide value in three tangible ways: by helping people to relax, helping them reclaim control, and also helping them transform so they can feel fulfilled in every aspect of their lives. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and more, and she hosts the podcast Calm, Confident & Deliriously Happy. Mandy’s Social Media Mandy’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mandybarbeelanier/ Mandy’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mandy-barbee-lanier/ Palladium Mind: https://www.palladiummind.com/ Calm, Confident & Deliriously Happy Podcast: https://www.palladiummind.com/podcast Mandy’s Gift Mandy is providing us access to her unequaled audio tool to start to reclaim your inner control and calm https://www.palladiummind.com/meditation Mandy’s Advice The one thing that I think most differentiates my approach from almost anyone I've ever met. There are two things, but this one's really unique to me. Look at what's creating the misalignment to start with, instead of just trying to adjust the behavior. I like to get really curious and you can do this for yourself. I wonder why I wasn't grateful to start with. My guess is that there's pain there. Are you getting curious and connecting with what would be the most beneficial and high leverage thing that you can do for yourself? It's also the most compassionate. Which is why it's going to help you make changes happen. The second thing is anything or person that's telling you that you have a problem, and what it is, and then like sharing all of that with you and just digging and digging and digging about what the problems are. I think it's also really important for us to recognize that there is wholeness. Most of the experiences that we're having that are driving the significant issues in our lives that we're experiencing, are issues of perception. So, someone who is really incredible, they're incredibly smart. They're incredibly capable, they're incredibly loving. They're a great leader, maybe of a team. But they don't feel that themselves. They have every reason in the world to be confident. But the feeling of that is missing. That's an issue with perception, not reality. They are capable, they are valuable. They do add value, they're doing all the right things. But the perception isn't on board with that. That perception is happening unconsciously. The reasons for those beliefs are unconscious are in the subconscious as well. So, there's already wholeness. Recognizing that there's already wholeness and acknowledging that really, really actively is a powerful place to start. Then you realize that you're working to correct a perception and you're on the right side of the table with the truth, which is that you're already whole.