Michael (MG) Alcock - CMO Quoala

The Jason Cavness Experience

Oct 15 2023 • 2 hrs 33 mins

Michael (MG) Alcock - CMO Quoala

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Michael’s Bio

Michael Gregory Alcock, Chief Marketing Officer at Quoala, has had a distinctive career journey, starting in journalism and even providing the 'voice' for Mickey Mouse in email at Disney.com. His early days crafting content in Hollywood kindled a deep interest in technology.

As the internet became a pivotal part of our lives, Michael became a tech leader, expertly moderating complex technical discussions with industry pioneers. Today, he merges this unique expertise with his role at Quoala, a company that aligns with his passion for using AI to improve communication. Michael actively engages with global tech leaders from top-tier corporations, a pursuit that fuels his ever-expanding understanding of the technology landscape.

We talked about the following and other items

Building in Public

What problem is Quola solving

Is Quola an AI or HR tech or employee engagement company

What does a CMO do

Marketing vs sales vs business development

How Quola helps deskless and essential workers

Michael’s Social Media

Michael’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/micalco/

Quola Website: https://www.quoala.co/