Clarence Dancer Director of Operations at Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE)

The Jason Cavness Experience

Aug 13 2023 • 3 hrs 49 mins

Clarence Dancer Director of Operations at Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE)

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Clarence’s Bio

I am a husband to Roxanne Christian and a father of two (Cameron and Naomi). I have served in social services for 20 years and has a Masters in Education and Leadership Policy from the University of Washington.

I have held service roles such as the Executive Director of Seattle MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement), Washington State STEM Program Supervisor for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Postsecondary Policy Advisor for the City of Seattle and now as the Co-founder and Executive Director for ACE Academy.

ACE Academy was founded by Willie Seals III, Marcus Harden and Clarence "CJ" Dancer, Jr. ACE's mission is to provide high quality services in support of men of color. Fostering safe spaces to facilitate their growth to best understand themselves as viable world citizens.

We talked about the following and other items

What should the be the purpose of college

Non profit organizations

The bible

Outer Space

Is it better for a male to be raised by a single mother or a two parent home where the male is a POS

Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE)

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CJ’s Advice

Be true to self. Always, always be true to self.