Michele Mehl is the founder & CEO of Excy

The Jason Cavness Experience

Jun 19 2022 • 1 hr 55 mins

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Michele Mehl - Excy Co-Founder We talk about the following and other subjects The importance of exercise Excy Engineering of Excy Her many roles Michel’s Bio Michele Mehl is the founder & CEO of Excy, a medical fitness company committed to delivering better and different ways to help those with injuries, health conditions, and disabilities conveniently connect high-quality exercise to their lives at home, work, and on the go. Prior to starting Excy, Michele was the co-founder of Buzz Builders, a public relations agency focused on early-stage venture-scale startups, where she worked closely with founders to develop and execute unique marketing and communication strategies, to position these companies as leaders in the fields of e-commerce, software, hardware, fitness, lifestyle, venture capital, and other industries. Personally, Michele focuses on living an active lifestyle with her husband of nearly 25 years, teenage son, and two German Shepherd dogs. Michele’s Social Media Michele’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelemehl/ Michele’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/michelecmehl Excy Website: https://excy.com/ All of Excy’s social media can be found here: https://excy.com/excy-on-social-media/ Michele’s Advice I try to give the most simple advice possible. It really comes down to, and I think it just depends on your age, if you don't have children or you're not married. So I guess this is applicable more to people who are married and have kids. It's just don't mess that up. That's your priority and if you can't balance it all, you just have to really think through doing it. I have a lot of friends who got divorced after starting companies. Or, I have friends who all of a sudden, something's going on with their kids. Then they blame themselves. You just have to find some kind of balance in some way, when doing your startup. In a way where unless you're in a bad marriage, then maybe you get a divorce. But if your marriage is pretty good then make sure that you prioritize it.