Mary Elaine Baker - Entrepreneur | Visionary | Veteran Spouse | Co-Founder of VAUSA Mary Elaine Baker - Entrepreneur | Visionary | Veteran Spouse | Co-Founder of VAUSA

The Jason Cavness Experience

Jul 31 2022 • 1 hr 45 mins

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Mary Elaine Baker - Entrepreneur | Visionary | Veteran Spouse | Co-Founder of VAUSA We talk about the following and other subjects What does values driven mean Being a Military Dependent and a Military Spouse Military Spouse unemployment and underemployment Her company VAUSA Mary Elaine’s Bio Mary Elaine Baker is the co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of VAUSA®, a values-driven, veteran-owned small business that provides virtual administrative and marketing solutions for business owners, leaders of nonprofits, and entrepreneurs who are task-saturated. She and her husband, Brett, started VAUSA® in 2018 as a way to give the military spouses flexible job opportunities while freeing their clients to focus on their passions. Recognizing the tremendous benefits of a healthy workplace culture for all types of organizations, Mary Elaine has led VAUSA to implement measures promoting company values and well-being for its assistants, all of whom work remotely. The positive results of this intentional and focused effort have resonated with both team members and clients alike. Mary Elaine grew up in a military family and loving multicultural home right outside of Savannah, Georgia. She became a military spouse when she married Brett, a member of the 1st Ranger Battalion until his retirement in 2018. Working as an elementary teacher while caring for two small children, Mary Elaine struggled with unique stresses faced by military spouses, including frequent deployments and balancing the many competing priorities within the family. Today she uses those same experiences to help other military families overcome their challenges and thrive. Mary Elaine’s Social Media Mary Elaine’s LinkedIn: Mary Elaine’s Instagram: VAUSA Instagram: VAUSA Website: VAUSA FB: Mary Elaine’s Advice Speaking to business owners, culture is the most important thing to focus on. It really is and I have a formula. That is compassion plus connection plus communication multiplied by consistency equals a culture of trust. If you're doing all of those things then everything else will come so much easier. That's my biggest tip for anyone considering entrepreneurship or current business owners. Focus on culture. For military spouses out there. Please apply. That's not wisdom, but we need wonderful people and if any of your listeners know of anyone in the military community, I would love for them to be connected with us and we just love supporting Veterans through transition. That's our heart as well and then we just love finding job opportunities for Military Spouses.