Alec (Oleg) Maslov TEDx Speaker | Founder

The Jason Cavness Experience

Jul 23 2023 • 3 hrs 12 mins

Alec (Oleg) Maslov TEDx Speaker | Founder

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Alec’s Bio

Alec is the founder of thigio, an entertainment technology company building a new type of social experience. He's worked in tech, startups, and VC.

His previous client, a fintech company called Syncfy, raised a $10 million funding round in December 2022 to revolutionize open banking in Latin America.

Alec studied Economics at the University of Washington and Communications at Freie Universitaet Berlin. His 2017 TEDx talk called "Are we living in a simulation?" has been viewed over 320,000 times.

We talked about the following and other items


Are we in a simulation


Free Will

Genetic Splicing

Alec’s Social Media

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Alec’s Advice

I want to say is that we're coming into an age when it seems like so many things are possible. We can create anything we want. Yet these things that we're creating are meant to be addicting and obsessive. I think that it's important to find out your true essence and be conscious of the mental health challenges and find your own way to deal with it to stay sane and to live your best life.