Conquering Obesity, with George Watson

Addressing the ELEPHANT in the Room®

Oct 12 2022 • 39 mins

George has been working with business owners since 2002 in building empathetic cultures of kindness that nurture the human spirit and outperform all median cultures by at least 200%. He's a Jesus follower, a marathoner, rides an electric unicycle for his favorite hobby and is passionately in love with his wife Laurene of 33 years and father of 3 adult children.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • George’s vulnerable experience with his marriage and how he created the marriage he wanted for himself
  • How George’s commitment to his marriage is similar to his commitment to weight loss
  • The shocking realization that led to George committing to making a change
  • George’s former understanding of health and how he worked through finding the solution that worked for him
  • How George’s positive perspective of his weight kept him from making the necessary changes until he had to face the reality of the situation
  • The beginning of George’s weightloss journey and his surprising early successes
  • How shame actually perpetuates the action you’re shameful of


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