Caregiver Companion A Guide for Family Caregivers of Cancer Patients

John Razzano and Fran Baumgarten PhD

When you become a caregiver for a loved one with cancer, you are thrust into the most important role in your life, and probably one that you are the least prepared for. We are here, to say you are not alone, there is help and you will succeed. Listen to our stories, our experts, gain knowledge, confidence and power as a caregiver read less
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Episode 2   Breathe
Jan 24 2024
Episode 2 Breathe
You and your loved one received the diagnosis. now the journey begins.  a flood of thoughts come into your mind all at once.  1000 questions you never considered enter your head. It’s overwhelming and scary cause you don’t know what you don’t know. You will get through it….breathe….  Let’s talk about what happens next… Once you hear the diagnosis and have digested the news, as unreal as it feels, you start thinking about what happens next. There is so much to navigate as you start on this journey, and so many strangers to trust.  Understanding the results of the scans and test, how to find an oncologist? how to know you have the right one?  surgeons, radiation, chemotherapy, infusion centers. A whole new vocabulary enters your being, at a time when life feels scary and out of control. We find ourselves often times making these decisions by a gut feeling. Did you connect with the medical team, did they give you enough information, did you feel as if they listened to your loved one as an individual, and not just a number, are there friends or neighbors who have had contact with these medical people, know of them?   After all we are trusting them with the life of the person we love and adore. Feeling comfortable and assured that these professionals are not only competent, but on target and successful with their treatments is monumental  in our ability, and our loved ones ability to move forward with very difficult and demanding treatments and life altering challenges.  Sometimes to our detriment, and sometimes we get a good eduaction and reality check from Google.  Google is usually the first place people run to hard to wanting  to desperately gain some understanding about what is happening. As we said, sometimes the education is good and sometimes it’s detrimental. That’s where a medical team whom you trust comes into play. Their experience and knowledge is golden.  There’s no question this can be overwhelming. You’re thrown into the most important role of your life, and so inadequately prepared for it.  But the good news is you’re not alone. Literally millions of us have been down this path before you. There is path to follow and  tested methods. Just take a moment, take a breathe and put one foot in front of the other. We are here for you!