Launching a Succesful SaaS Business with Alex Finely, CEO of LeadsOnline

Corporate Caffeine with Dacia Coffey

Apr 11 2022 • 57 mins

Identifying and chasing after business opportunities is a unique skill that few have mastered.

That's why today, we talk with Alex Finely, CEO of LeadsOnline. LeadsOnline is a successful SaaS company that helps law enforcement catch criminals while helping businesses reduce the hassles of reporting.

In this episode, Alex talks about launching his SaaS business, his commitment to his customers, and how they identified the business opportunity that lead them to success.

We also discuss:

- What LeadsOnline does and why it matters

- Working with first responders and police

- Why government employees often get outdated software

- How LeadsOnline originally identified their business opportunity

- Why Alex has so many windows in his office

- Working with family

- The most interesting case LeadsOnline helped solve

- How LeadsOnline helped stop a possible suicide victim

- Dealing with the Great Resignation

- How to get your team to buy in

- Challenges of working remotely

- What books Alex is reading this year

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