The Southern Tea


Lindsie Chrisley is a southern girl trying to navigate life while staying true to her roots, and true to herself. The Southern Tea is a weekly heart to heart with the listeners where Lindsie leaves nothing off the table. Being a boy mom, she knows when to not take things too seriously. With no topic off limits, this podcast is an ongoing conversation on life, career, family, faith, motherhood, and everything in between. Lindsie swears to spill the tea, the whole tea, and nothing but the tea. read less

Our Editor's Take

This podcast is a great listen for those who enjoy a conversation over morning coffee. The Southern Tea podcast provides all the comforting feelings of connection listeners might be looking for. Shared thoughts and feelings and a bit of advice—what more could listeners want from a show? This podcast offers that and then some. This weekly podcast is about getting real and personal in a positive way. And to top it off, it's hosted by a charming Southern belle.

Host Lindsie Chrisley is making her way through life like any of her listeners. She's working through being a mother, her relationships, her faith, and her career. She wondered why not turn that classic Southern saying “spill the tea” into a show about life—so that's just what she did. Now, Lindsie Chrisley "spills the tea"—in a positive way—for all her listeners.

The result is an uplifting and relatable listen. For some, it will feel like catching up with an old friend. The host shares her thoughts on anything and everything that she's going through. From divorce to Pap smears, to house projects, raising kids, and buying a new car, no topic is too personal. She often hosts The Southern Tea alongside best friends Katy and Karley. Her dynamic assistants, Heather and Kristen, get in on the action too. The host even enjoys a chit-chat with teacher Caroline Manus.

Alongside the compelling rotation of female hosts, the podcast has some fantastic guests. One episode sees the host interview TikTok star Chronically Breanne about adoption fraud. Other guests include reality TV personality Taylor Wright and the host's psychic friend Medium Kareen. Fun-themed episodes feature games of Would You Rather and a book club. Listeners hear the juicy girl talk about dating Suburban Dad. Audiences can hear new and old episodes of this podcast on Amazon Music now.

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