Walking Worthy - The Book of Ephesians

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Paul called upon his fellow believers to "walk worthy of the calling with which they were called." Paul's letter to the Ephesians can be broken up into two primary sections - doctrinal and practical. In the doctrinal section, Paul is explaining the profound depth of their calling in Christ Jesus. In the practical section, Paul reveals how we are to walk worthy of that calling in this world. This series of messages were presented at Family Bible Church located in Martinez, Georgia in 2022. read less
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06 Walking Worthy of the Calling (Pt 1 - In the Body)
Aug 14 2022
06 Walking Worthy of the Calling (Pt 1 - In the Body)
* In our study of Paul's letter to the church of Ephesus, we have finished first half in which Paul has encouraged the believers regarding their relationship with the one true God. * Today, we begin considering the second half of the letter which is more "practical" in nature. We took two weeks to study the passage that we arrive at today, as part of our study regarding The Marks of a Healthy Church (on May 22 and May 29). Hence, today we will be covering it as more of an overview and from the perspective of the result of Paul's instruction regarding the greatness of our calling. * Up to this point, we have seen in our study that as believers in Christ - We are blessed with every spiritual blessing, We are Chosen, We are Adopted as Sons of God, We are Accepted (favored by God), We are Redeemed and Pardoned, We are Informed regarding the Will of God, We are Promised an Inheritance, and We are Sealed with the Holy Spirit! We - who once were spiritually dead, and following after the course of the world and Satan - were made alive with Christ, were raised with Christ, and were made to sit together with Christ in heaven. We (Gentiles) - who once were afar off from the promises of God - have been made joint-heirs with those of Israel through Christ! * Today, we begin considering: HOW THOSE FACTS SHOULD AFFECT OUR LIVES TODAY! First, as a natural progression, Paul discusses how it applies to the church as a whole. * This message was presented on August 14, 2022 by Bob Corbin.