Busy and Productive Are Not The Same Thing (#32)

Balancing Busy

Feb 7 2023 • 17 mins

We are unpacking the difference between being busy and being productive because they are NOT the same thing. They produce wildly different experiences, both for our physical and mental health. And I want you in the productivity zone, so let's jump in.

This will help:

👉 You get off the busyness treadmill to nowhere
👉 Busy mompreneurs step into their power of productivity
👉 You to creatively find solutions to balance the busy and be more productive

In this episode:

1:02 The Difference Between Busy and Productive
3:21 The Research Says....
5:34 We Are All Guilty of the Busy Badge of Honor
6:49 Step Into Your Productive Power
9:34 Clarity of Purpose
14:36 You've Got to be Creative

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