BTS: Outsourcing, Systems and Keeping Our Spouses Feeling Prioritized with Kelli France (#13)

Balancing Busy

Oct 4 2022 • 47 mins

In today's episode, I am talking with my amazing friend Kelli, France. I love this woman and you are gonna get so much out of this episode. So Kelli France is a seven figure entrepreneur. She runs an incredible 5,000 plus member book club where a different personal development book is studied each month. Then the author comes on and discusses it. She has a top 1% podcast. She's amazing. And she does it all staying present and intentional and being an awesome as a mom and a wife. How?! Well that's what we are talking about today!

This will help:

👉 Anyone who needs help delegating
👉 Those who feel overwhelmed with all the things
👉 Anyone looking to connect more with their spouse


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