Keeping a Clean Home When You Don't Have Time with Clean Mama (#22)

Balancing Busy

Dec 6 2022 • 36 mins

Today we are answering the question, can you actually have a clean home and a busy life? Is it possible to have a home that feels good, is clean and tidy, laundry is done, and dishes are in the dishwasher, all while all the other things are going on too? In this episode, I am chatting with my friend, Becky, of the Clean Mama. I'm so excited for you to hear this interview and to hear what her house is really like.

I mean, she is truly the Clean Mama. Her entire company, her line of cleaning products, her systems, her books, everything revolves around keeping a clean house. We dive into what its really like and how she can help us balance the busy and enjoy a clean home at the same time. In addition, this episode comes with some amazing companion principles. Becky shares in the episode about her Daily Five system and we have that printable for you. There is a lot more great info for you in the links below.

This will help:
👉  Anyone who wants to establish a better cleaning routine
👉 Busy entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed with keeping a clean home
👉 Business mamas keep their houses clean in just a few minutes a day

In this episode:

7:28 Why Keeping a Clean Home is Important
12:49 Is Becky's House Always Spotless / Clean Mama Routine
17:45 Dealing with the Clutter and Other Clean Home Hacks
27:21 Leah's Most Embarrassing Moment, Like Ever....
29:53 What To Do If You Don't Love Cleaning
32:48 I Have No Time, But I Want a Clean House


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