How to Achieve a New Dream Without Getting Overwhelmed with Jaime Gordon (#38)

Balancing Busy

Mar 21 2023 • 35 mins

We are talking about when you have that thing on your heart, whether it is a new business, a new education, some big new thing in your life, how we make the space for that without the overwhelm and feeling like we are turning everything upside down.

I've brought on Jaime Gordon, AKA the Unstuckologist, an absolute genius at getting people unstuck in their lives to walk us through getting unstuck, moving past fear, and going for our goals and dreams without the stress and overwhelm.

This episode will help:

👉Anyone feeling overwhelmed with starting something new
👉 Entrepreneurs get more comfortable with discomfort
👉Busy work at home moms find what's really blocking them and move past it


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