Are You Hardwired For Burnout? with Heidi Hope (#18)

Balancing Busy

Nov 8 2022 • 35 mins

Heidi Hope and I both come from a place of experiencing extreme burnout. The good news is that we are on the other side and today we are sharing those experiences. What we've both learned from drowning in overwhelm, what we got wrong, what we fixed, and how we now avoid choosing (yep choosing) burnout.

This will help:

👉 Anyone who wants to ditch the cycle of overwhelm and burnout.
👉 Set boundaries and shift your mindset around burnout
👉 Increase productivity without losing time, sleep, and relationships.

In this episode:

4:05 Are We Hardwired for Burnout
8:02 Being Intentional About Expending Our Energy
15:13 Our Power Comes When We Fill Ourselves Up
19:20 Overwhelm is Directly Connected to Feeling Like There's Not Enough Time
24:53 When Burnout Becomes a Cycle, You are Choosing It
28:33 Creating Boundaries Around Time and Energy

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