Hosting a Stress Free, Memorable Holiday (#19)

Balancing Busy

Nov 15 2022 • 27 mins

In this episode I want to help you make hosting the holidays as stress free as possible with some of my favorite stress saving hacks.  I have hosted a lot of holidays throughout my years, and I have learned some lessons, and I'm sharing them with you. My very best tips for hosting, cooking, and planning those big meals for lots and lots of people and how you can do it all with less stress and way more peace.

This will help:

👉 Those who are dreading the stress of holiday hosting
👉 Put more peace into your holiday planning
👉 You focus less on the dishes and more on the memories

In this episode:

4:15 Setting Your Holiday Intention
6:00 Ditching Perfectionism Mindset
8:26 Plan the Menu and Schedule Ovens (trust me)
11:10 What Can You Do in Advance
16:09 Letting Kids Be Involved
20:21 What and Where Can You Simplify

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