How To Do a Brain Dump When Your Brain Is At Capacity (#41)

Balancing Busy

Apr 11 2023 • 25 mins

I’m so excited about this episode. This is for anyone who ever feels like there are just to many tabs open in your brain.  Or in other words, anyone feeling overwhelmed.

Today we are talking about my favorite simple strategy for when I’m feeling overwhelmed or over tasked. This is what I use when my brain is just at capacity….

This method will take you from guessing to knowing where to work from.

We’re talking about using the brain dump method maximized through the Eisenhower Matrix! That sounds a bit fancy, but it’s super easy, and I promise that if you use the simple methods I’ll walk you through in this episode, you’ll have greater focus, minimized stress, and be able to see more clearly the next right steps…

This episode will help:

👉 Learn how to use brain dumps to get organized and focus
👉 The overwhelmed and at-capacity mom get back to a balanced flow
👉 Anyone finding it hard to sleep at night because there's too much in your head
👉 When you get stuck knowing what your next steps should be and in what order

In this episode:

3:09 A simple and effective strategy to handle overwhelm
5:36 Power of subtraction
7:00 Defining Highest Priority
8:17 Bringing order to our chaos
10:05 Working with our calendar
12:52 A clear first and last step

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