The Pessimist's Guide to Goal Setting (#26)

Balancing Busy

Jan 3 2023 • 20 mins

Description: If you love goals and New Year's resolutions, this episode will give you even more reasons to love them. I will give you some tips and strategies to make reaching your goals even easier. If you are one of those anti-goal-setters, I believe I can convince you that setting goals and taking another look at New Year's resolutions would be a very good idea!

This will help:

👉The excited goal-setter create simple processes
👉The anti-goal-setter feel better about declaring a goal out loud
👉Anyone, at any time (it doesn't have to be the New Year), create a plan to accomplish those goals

In this episode:

1:22 Why Most People Fail at New Year's Resolutions
5:46 Setting a Goal Gets You Closer to What You Want
7:37 Declare and Make it Clear
9:00 Increasing Your Chances For Success
10:07 Identifying Roadblocks
13:26 Readjusting for New Blocks
14:19 Commitment is the Key to Success
18:16 Creating Processes That Are Simple

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