From Funk To Flow: Getting Back to Balance with Camille Walker (#31)

Balancing Busy

Jan 31 2023 • 36 mins

Description: In this episode of the Balancing Busy podcast I have an amazing conversation with Camille Walker. Camille is the host of the podcast, Call Me CEO. In fact, I was recently a guest on her podcast. You can catch my episode on her show here. Camille shares with us how we can set ourselves up to balance the busy in times when we just aren’t feeling it: Those times when things don’t seem to be going smoothly, or we feel like we are in a funk. Let’s be honest, it’s easier to manage all the things when there’s a pep in your step and things are going really well, but it’s an entirely different feat to balance the busy when things aren’t going as planned.
This will help:

👉 Busy entrepreneurs identify their “women at the well”
👉 Business mamas create a community of support

In this episode:

4:01 Women at the Well
9:32 Setting Yourself Up for When Things Get Hard
14:56 Focusing On What You CAN Do
18:41 How To Motivate Yourself (When You Really Aren’t Feeling It)
23:58 Safe People To Talk To
28:06 You Must Have Self Compassion


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