Outsourcing Explained, Part 1 (#28)

Balancing Busy

Jan 17 2023 • 30 mins

One of the most incredible ways that I know of to balance the busy is to get help from others. But I get it, that can feel so intimidating and daunting. So, today we are doing a deep dive into outsourcing. I am sharing my process with you, I'll share where I've failed, where I've learned all the nitty gritty on how to outsource, and more.

Now this is a lot so I split it into two parts. There's gonna be part one and part two.

So grab a pen and paper for this cause you'll definitely want to take notes and let's jump in:

This will help:

👉The overwhelmed entrepreneur feel confident in outsourcing
👉Combat fears about hiring
👉Anyone develop a solid strategy for outsourcing

In this episode:

4:37 Reasons to Outsource
11:28 What is Outsourcing
17:53 Build Your Task List
21:10 Build Your Training Material
27:13 Levels of Responsibility

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