Balancing the Holiday Busyness: 8 Time Saving Hacks (#20)

Balancing Busy

Nov 22 2022 • 29 mins

We are coming into the holidays and they can bring out a lot of emotions. I have gone through the holidays where they felt like a blur — chaotic and frazzled. And I've gone through them where I really enjoyed them and felt absolutely wonderful. I want to share what I think I did right, what I think I did wrong, and how we can step  into this holiday season and just enjoy it more.

How can we have more contentment, more peace, more fun, more laughter, more memories, all the good stuff, and  less of feeling frazzled and frantic and stressed.

So here we go. Let's dive into my time saving, keep-you-sane, favorite Holiday Hacks.

This will help:

👉 Demolish holiday feelings of stress and overwhelm
👉 Give you back more enjoyment in your holidays
👉 Shift your focus from frantic to freeing

In this episode:

4:35 Time Saving, Keep-You-Sane Holiday Hacks
8:53 Schedule in the Magic, First.
13:42 Prioritize Your To-Do List
16:43 Look For Potential Overwhelm
19:00 Don't Overcommit
21:04 Simplify Gift Giving
23:10 Go With What You Know
25:00 Don't Be Afraid to Delegate
26:50 Focus on Gratitude, Joy and Connection


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