Why You Need an End of Work Routine Especially if You WFH (#23)

Balancing Busy

Dec 13 2022 • 17 mins

In this episode we are talking about the importance of having an "end of work" routine and why you need one especially when you work from home.  The line has blurred between where work ends and where home begins. Add to that, the fact that our work is literally in our pocket at all times, and it's easy to see how work life balance can be thrown out the window.

And that's why we're talking today about creating an end of work routine. Something that signifies the workday is over but doesn't leave you feeling terrible because you didn't do enough. And that's the real critical part. We let work spill over because we feel like there's always more to do. But what if we could do the work better in less time so that we can have those boundaries and feel really good about it? (Spoiler: we CAN!)

This will help:

👉 Anyone who wants better work life balance
👉 Those who can't seem to shut work off
👉 Work from home moms shift gears easily

In this episode:

0:40 Why You Need an End Of Work Routine
3:29 Where the 40 Hour Work Week Came From m
5:28 Work Life Balance DOES Exist
8:33 Setting Office Hours
9:40 The Power of an Alarm
10:10 Final Wrap Up
11:06 Daily Five and Time Blocking
12:51 Make a Physical Switch

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