Speed School Podcast with Gale Banks

Gale Banks

Gale Banks, the Godfather of turbocharging, shares over 65 years of automotive engineering know-how in this educational and entertaining audio series. From gearing for top speed to calculating Manifold Air Density, every automotive enthusiast stands to learn a thing or two from this land speed record-holding legend. Join Gale for exclusive interviews, frank talk, myth-busting, history lessons, and step-by-step how-tos.

Ep 4 - Kevin Oeste of V8TV, Bonneville Podcast, Hot Rod MagazineEp 3 - Kory Willis and the EPA, Consequences of Poor Tuning, the Real Story of Gale Banks and CARBEp 2 - How Not To Drive A 1,400HP Trans-Am, Why Is Gale Laughing So Hard?, Rick Young's StoriesEp 1 - World's Fasted Production Car with Car & Driver's Csaba Csere