Elevate Season 1, 2 & 3

Elevation Barn

For every leader, there’s an Elevation. What's an elevation? A moment or series of moments of clarity that can be put into action to elevate your life or purpose. We elevate through empathy, respect, inspiration, impact and maybe most of all, diversity of thought. Why do we do it? Leaders are taught to be so self-reliant, they often lose themselves. We believe that clarity of purpose is a human necessity and that sharing is the best philosophy for leadership. We turn the challenges we face into conversations and those conversations into clarity. Join us at www.elevationbarn.com
For Every Leader there is an Elevation | Season 1 Elevate Intro#1. Leaning on Each Other | Prakriti Poddar and Martin Enault Elevate Insights on the Mental Health Crisis#2. Saving our Oceans | Dr. Sylvia Earle Elevates the Critical Situation of Ocean Conservation#3. Lessons for Every Industry | Jean-Martin Fortier Elevates the Advantages of Sustainable Farming#4. Raising the Next Generation | John and Cynthia Hardy Elevate Green Education#5. Saving our Wetlands | Steve Boyes Elevates the Global Importance of the Okavango Delta#6. Feeding your Gut | Isabelle Chevalier Elevates the Critical Importance of Probiotics#7. Crafting a Better Story | Rick Adams Elevates the Power of Storytelling#8. Life of Climbing | Jamie Clarke Elevates Life Lessons from the World's Seven Summits#9. Intention and Technology | Shingy Elevates Futurism#10. Awareness and Agility | Raymond Ansotegui Elevates Insights of Bullfighting#11. Redefining Empathy | Michael Ventura Elevates the Impact and Power of Empathy#12. Making Guests Feel at Home | Nadya Hutagalung and Pastor Sam Elevate Exposure on Migrant Workers#13. My Octopus Teacher | Dr Sylvia Earle & Craig Foster#14. Leaders Are Listeners | Steve Lillywhite & Kipper#15. Purpose is More Powerful Than Position | Mindy Grossman & Will Travis#16. Every Action Matters | Abigail Alling & Mark Van Thillo#17. AI is Us | Henri Hyppönen and Leslie Beckman#18. Chasing The Present  |  James Sebastiano and Nadya Hutagalung#19. Nature’s Oracle  |  Elora Hardy and San Rahi