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CNN Political Briefing


Join CNN Political Director David Chalian as he guides you through our ever-changing political landscape. Every week, David and a guest take you inside the latest developments with insight and analysis from the key players in politics. read less

Our Editor's Take

The CNN Political Briefing podcast features what matters in American politics. Few people have hours to spend listening to news analysis or coverage. The podcast provides quick but thoughtful coverage of the issues Americans are talking about. It offers an intelligent analysis of topics like Russia relations and immigration. The show also discusses the White House, Capitol Hill, and states' politics. The show's primary focus is informing and educating listeners about political issues. As such, it gives listeners a concise recap of important political news.

CNN's David Chalian hosts the podcast. He provides his expert insight on topical political news. Chalian is CNN's vice president of political coverage and political director. He oversees the political reporting team. His career began after college when he produced Inside City Hall, a nightly news program on NY1. He later joined ABC as a political analyst and news director.

On CNN Political Briefing, Chalian discusses events shaping American politics. The topics are current, relevant, and not sensationalized. He also tells listeners the truth about the sensational news coverage. The podcast has excellent narration and production quality. Chalian's years of experience in political reporting are apparent on the show.

CNN Political Briefing gives comprehensive coverage of politics. The podcast's brevity does not impact the quality of information shared. It provides clarity and factual information. This enables listeners to make sense of the political issues that interest them. Anyone who wants to stay updated on the latest in local and international politics is likely to find the podcast engaging. It is political news without the fluff. It has a broad appeal, with no overt political leanings. It's news, for news' sake.

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