Jewish Instagram and Jewish Humor with Aly Silverberg of @jewishgirlprobs

Your Jewish Life Your Way with Karen Cinnamon

Jul 19 2022 • 48 mins

Karen sits down with Aly Silverberg, the queen of Jewish relatability. As the founder of @jewishgirlprobs, Aly shares all about her journey as one of the founding figures of Jewish Instagram, chatting about the connection between Jewish humor and Jewish survival, the art of the meme, the importance of owning your Jewish identity - and so much more!

You’ll find out:

- How Aly got the idea to start @jewishgirlprobs in 2018

- Balancing her personal Jewish activism with her audience’s expectations

- What Jewish humor means to Aly

- How she handles people who treat her as an authority on Judaism

- Why it’s important to accept that you can’t please everyone

- Finding the right balance between self-deprecation and positivity

- Why we need Jewish humor even more during hard times

- How @jewishgirlprobs helped Aly land her day job at Snapchat

- The importance of surrounding yourself with people who accept your full self

- What Aly finds most meaningful in Judaism

- All about her Beatles-themed bat mitzvah


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