”Winning is addictive — but I hope not to experience a year like 2021 again anytime soon...” Christian Horner, Red Bull Formula One team boss

The Gentleman‘s Journal Podcast

Dec 23 2022 • 43 mins

This is the last episode of the podcast for 2023. But fear not — we’re going out with a bang. Or a roar. Or whatever the noise is that Formula One cars make. Because our guest on today’s show is Christian Horner, the Team Principal at Red Bull and one of the sport’s most compelling ambassadors. Christian has petrol in his veins. He was a talented driver himself as a young man, before he set up his own race team, Arden International, at the age of just 25 — and then became the sport’s youngest ever team principal when he joined Red Bull at 31.

We spoke earlier this month, at the end of another bumper year for the team and its talismanic driver Max Verstappen — and in a reflective conversation, Christian gives us the inside line on the 2021 championship (the spiciest in history, perhaps); the secrets he learned from the sport’s biggest characters; and why he always uses the same portaloo on race day.

Enjoy, and we’ll see you in 2023.