Harpist and Motivational Speaker Robbin Gordon-Cartier

Opening the Harp Chakra - The Podcast

Apr 14 2021 • 36 mins

Season 2 Episode 11

Opening the Harp Chakra - The Podcast
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Hosted by Jay Michaels

This weeks episode features Robbin Gordon-Cartier.  We talk about Cultural Diversity,  an Instagram group promoting Harpists of African descent called Ennanga Harp, her time studying at the Irish Academy in Dublin, her passion for teaching and motivational speaking, and the book she inspired. We also listen to beautiful music from her cd “Just As I Am”.

To learn more about Robbin Gordon-Cartier
Website: https://www.robbingordoncartier.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robbin.gordoncartier
Instagram: https://instagram.com/harpspirits?igshid=1t7og29jwumdv
Ennanga Harp: https://instagram.com/ennangaharp?igshid=mksrmc0r76jf
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