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Episode #4 Relationships:Today & Tomorrow w/Host Zev Halpern Relationship & Clarity Consultant//Fentanyl Overdose : "Parents Speak" Effects of Loss on Families
Jan 20 2023
Episode #4 Relationships:Today & Tomorrow w/Host Zev Halpern Relationship & Clarity Consultant//Fentanyl Overdose : "Parents Speak" Effects of Loss on Families
In Episode #4 of Relationships: Today & Tomorrow Show the topic is the Fentanyl Epidemic: It’s Consequences on Families. Zev Halpern Relationship & Clarity Consultant  is joined by other family’s who speak about having lost children to this worldwide blight.  Fentanyl a synthetic drug that is killing our youth by the thousands. The purpose of this episode is to hear from the real front line of this tragic blight, the families who have suffered a loss. I am one of the family’s as soon I will reach one year since this epidemic took my youngest beautiful daughter Leba from our life. My daughter was adopted and had her whole life ahead of her. We miss and mourn her loss terribly.  This episode is dedicated to all the families who are mourning the loss of loving children. As you hear from families who have been hurt deeply by their tragic loss of children from Fentanyl overdose,  perhaps it will motivate others to be proactive in speaking out loudly and finding a way to stop this overdose madness.  As you hear the stories of family loss don’t turn away but rather use your strong voices and resources to let our government and powers at be know in no uncertain terms that they must do everything they can to stop the flow of Fentanyl across the Southern border. There is no city that is spared across America and the world.   Just as I walked into my child’s room and found her dead one morning. Imagine that horrific time in your house families everyday, week and month thousands experience the same and this has to stop. Children found dead at their computers.  The DEA Drug Enforcement Administration has seized more than 379 million fatal doses od this cheap synthetic opioid 50.6 million illegal doses in 2022. Imagine the amount that has slipped through and find its way to cities and towns across America. There is enough illegal Fentanyl in the US to kill every person in the US home to 330 million residents. it is the leading cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 49 claims more lives than car accidents, gun violence and suicide  and the illegal flow has not stopped.  It just takes a small amount to cause death  and this substance is being packaged to resemble prescription pain/anxiety pills valium, xanax, adderal, percocet, oxicontin even multi colored to look like candy but just touch these pills is enough to kill. Six out of ten Fentanyl pills sold on the street contain a lethal dose. They are sourced in other countries China and manufactured and distributed by certain cartels in Mexico  Fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin and a billion dollar business that has helped drug cartels become para-military organizations with reach and resources. Fentanyl flow clandestinely across the Southern border on persons and transit vehicles. It is sold on the street, at schools, College using social media and low level drug distributors.  When is this going to stop? How many thousands of our youth have to die? When enough people not just myself and family’s here to night stand up and put this on the front burner and recognize the devastation it  causes. No family,  city, town or school is safe from this epidemic.