Episode 26 - Learning how to receive help when you go from 0 to 6 kids in less than 4 years with Dallin & Alyssa McEwen

Contenders Wanted

Sep 20 2021 • 58 mins

Show Notes:

What comes to mind when you hear the word freeloader? What about mooch? Parasite? Slacker? Or deadbeat? No matter what came to mind, it likely wasn’t something nice. But at the end of the day we all know what it means: someone who takes advantage of the kindness and charity of others who shouldn’t.  And almost universally we wouldn’t want to be described like that. But the problem is that none of us really is a “lone wolf”. We all need each other. So how do we appropriately accept and even at times elicit help from others without becoming that freeloader we all despise?

Well our guests today were given a lesson, or better said six little lessons, in how to give and receive help when in less than four years they went from a young married couple with no kids to parents of six and they had to learn how to be willing to receive help in order to just keep things afloat and, later, the value of returning the favor.

Dallin & Alyssa McEwen’s story began when they were 12 years old leading them to finally be in the same place at the same time in college. They’ve been married for 8 years. The first year spent playing college sports and the next two spent trying to grow their family. After a successful first round of IVF they had twin girls join the crew. 18 months later came what they believed to be the biggest surprise of their life when their little boy was born. But then a year and a half later, they got pregnant with triplets!  If you’re still doing the math that’s 6 kids in 3 years. As they say, their life is busy and chaotic and filled with love, giggles and a lot of diapers. They wouldn’t change their circumstance for the world, but instead have jumped two feet in to making the day to day not just manageable but enjoyable. On the show today we discuss the following:

  • Who are Dallin & Alyssa and what do they do (4:08)
  • How they have 6 kids ages 4 and under (5:43)
  • What is life like? (10:17)
  • How structure helps Dallin & Alyssa thrive (12:51)
  • Learning how to allow others to serve them (14:35)
  • Dallin & Alyssa's annual ritual that keeps their lines of communication open (20:57)
  • How they make time for each other every day (25:53)
  • How Dallin uses the financial pressure of life with 6 small kids to make him better professionally (29:33)
  • How Alyssa became an Instagram Influencer (38:16)
  • How Alyssa handles social media trolls (44:08)
  • How Alyssa balances being authentic and protecting her children (46:36)
  • What does it mean to them to be a Contender (51:52)

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