Episode 25 - The Pain of Failure and the Joy of Success with Dave Woodward

Contenders Wanted

Sep 6 2021 • 44 mins

Show Notes:

Have you ever been so invested in something it becomes part of your identity? So much so that when it disappears from your life, a part of you seems to disappear with it? Our guest today is Dave Woodward and he did the same thing when he tied a part of his identity to his company that in 2008 went from incredibly successful to hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt almost overnight. But that's just part of his story.

Dave Woodward graduated from Brigham Young University. He became Regional Director of Americo, a local Texas firm which he took national in just 2 years’ time. Dave then founded Monopolize, Inc, a direct response marketing agency focused on financial services and the real estate industry. But he recognized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he met Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, the two founders of ClickFunnels back in 2014, when the company was just a startup. Russell and Todd felt immediate kinship to Dave and invited him to come onboard. Dave became a vital part of the team as Chief Revenue Officer. The rest, as they say, is history. And for Dave, it’s never about the ‘title’ of CEO...it’s about RESULTS. In addition to his CEO duties, Dave is the energetic host of the wildly popular podcast,
“ClickFunnels Radio.” Dave has a true gift for making his guests feel right at home. So it’s no wonder he gets some of the savviest business owners and self starters on the planet to share
‘never-before-revealed’ sales and marketing secrets on every show. Dave is first and foremost a devoted husband, family man, and avid adrenaline junkie. On the show today we discuss the following:

  • Who is Dave Woodward and what does he do (3:33)
  • Dave's Guinness World Record story (5:04)
  • Dave's choice to not go to medical school (8:46)
  • How passion and selfless service showed Dave his path forward (12:42)
  • The trial of losing his company in 2008 (16:40)
  • What Dave would do differently if he had to do it again (21:41)
  • How Dave has included his family in his entrepreneurial journey (26:09)
  • The legacy that Dave is creating (30:29)
  • What does it mean to Dave to be a Contender (37:48)

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