Episode 33 - Finding your Unique Magic with Liz Pessaran

Contenders Wanted

Dec 27 2021 • 58 mins

Show Notes:

To thy own self be true." Have you ever pondered on what this oft quoted saying from Shakesphere’s Hamlet means? Better yet, how have you come to better know yourself? For me I’ve done at least half a dozen different personality quizzes, strength finder tests, and purpose discovery worksheets.  Each one has been helpful, but, for me personally, it’s been the culmination of all of these together coupled with journaling and frequent reflection that’s allowed me to better come to see myself, and as I have done this work I’ve come to believe that this process of coming to see ourselves more clearly is a vital part of our own individual journey through life. Our guest today has gone through the work to know herself and that work that has completely changed the course of her life.

Our guest today is Liz Pessaran.  Liz is a Licensed Therapist, Life Coach and Speaker who helps people around the world let go of what they “should” do and embrace what they feel “connected to”. Ultimately thriving in their purpose. She helps folks walk away from their unfilled jobs and lifestyles and step into their dreams and cultivate the life they always desired. With nearly a decade of counseling experience, Liz utilizes her unique skill set to guide women to tap into their deep soul so they can shatter the box of limited belief and embrace their inner magic.  Liz has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is trained as a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. She currently resides in beautiful Tennessee with her husband and dog, and loves to travel often. On the show today we discuss the following:

  • Who is Liz and what does she do (4:10)
  • Everything is written in crayon (6:06)
  • Liz's backstory leading her to where she is today (9:47)
  • The mental barriers she had to overcome (18:43)
  • What is your "magic"? (24:17)
  • Liz's family's reaction to her journey (31:34)
  • The impact of her spouse on her journey (40:52)
  • Liz's advice to parents and spouses - Listen to listen (44:53)
  • What does it mean to Liz to be a Contender (54:50)

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