Episode 40 - What if you only ever were a Contender with Kitty Robinson

Contenders Wanted

Apr 11 2022 • 55 mins

Show Notes:
What do you do when no matter your effort or your dreaming, life sends you a curveball that makes your dreams impossible? Would just contending for those dreams be enough for you? Or, if you’re a bit more like me, would that be a bit tortuous? The hard part about these questions is I think you don’t really know the answer until you’re in a moment like that. In the episode today I share how I think I might understand a bit what that would be like because of my wife and I's battle with infertility the past 8 years, but our guest today knows exactly what striving for impossible dreams feels like. She’s had her share of moments in her life where no matter her effort and sacrifice, life and God had other plans for her.

Our guest today is Kitty Robinson. She said "I do" to her high school sweetheart, Casey, 27 years ago. As a heart and brain surgery survivor and homeschooling mom of 8 (insert survivor status here, too!), her life path has had some unusual turns. She's currently walking that path out in Middle Georgia, where she writes, runs, and coaches.  On the show today we discuss the following:

  • Who is Kitty and her story (7:31)
  • Did Kitty see her pride while going through her challenges? (13:04)
  • How Kitty was able to set aside her pride (15:32)
  • Why she considers her life more abundant after her trials (22:04)
  • Submission as the path to peace (29:27)
  • Why she chose a life of quiet impact (39:41)
  • How her definition of Courage has changed (45:01)
  • What does it mean to Kitty to be a Contender (49:03)

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