Episode 28 - The Attributes of the Elite from a 2x Pro Athlete and Family Man, Paul Lasike

Contenders Wanted

Oct 18 2021 • 55 mins

Show Notes:

If you could sit down with someone who's played professionally in two different sports, what would you want to ask them about success? Maybe it's how they did it. Maybe it's the biggest struggles they went through. Maybe it's the attributes they've seen in the most successful in their sports. Or maybe you ask about stuff that most people don't see. On the show today we talk about all these things and more with our guest and learn just what it takes to become pro at two different sports.

Paul Lasike is a New Zealand-born, USA international rugby player who currently plays professional rugby for the Harlequins Rugby club in the English Premiership League. Prior to joining the Harlequins, Paul played rugby for Team-USA and the Utah Warriors. Paul was the centre of Team USA’s historic 30-29 victory over Scotland in 2018 – the country’s first major win over a Tier One nation. He represented USA at the Rugby World Cup in Japan starting all four pool stage matches. Prior to his professional rugby career, Paul played running back and full-back for the Arizona Cardinals and later the Chicago Bears. Paul attended Brigham Young University and played both rugby and then football once NFL scouts came knocking. Paul is a dedicated husband and father, one of 10 children in an ethnic Tongan family, and his talents stretch beyond the sports field as he is also a talented musician. On the show today we discuss the following:

  • Who is Paul and what does he do (4:10)
  • Lessons learned from sports as a kid that continue to impact him today (11:29)
  • Traits of those who play sports at the highest levels: obsession (20:38)
  • Traits of those who play sports at the highest levels: confidence/ego (28:38)
  • Life as a pro-athlete with a young family (39:53)
  • What does it mean to him to be a Contender (50:46)

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