Episode 22 - Looking for great decades not great days with Emil Ekvardt

Contenders Wanted

Apr 19 2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

Show Notes

What are some of the life lessons you learned while playing a competitive sport or activity? Do you think of team work from the football field, or maybe composure on the golf course? Or maybe it’s how to think ahead from chess? Or maybe it was how to take risks from your favorite family card game. Either way, games and competition have a way of teaching us many life lessons and our guest has some incredible insights gathered while playing competitive poker at the highest levels online.

Emil Ekvardt, became a USD millionaire at an early age from Online poker. Today he is teaching men how to stop overthinking, find their passion, and develop the confidence to go for their dreams through social media, coaching and the podcast Becoming Great.com. He is also involved in building Great.com, a company that will give away 100% of its profits to help the environment. Today we do a deep dive into Emil’s early career as a poker player and the lessons he learned becoming a world class poker player that translate to success in life. On the show today we discuss the following:

  • Who is Emil and what does he do (3:52)
  • How did Emil get into poker (4:40)
  • What is a down swing and the pain of Emily's first big down swing (9:01)
  • How confidence helped Emil get through the down swing (13:00)
  • How Emil built systems to enable him to improve so quickly and get to a world-class level (21:05)
  • How to avoid sacrificing the wrong things in life (31:17)
  • How Emil learned to find real happiness through personal development (36:49)
  • Lesson learned through the creation of his podcast and building a business (43:34)
  • Stringing together unremarkable days to create remarkable decades (49:35)
  • What does it mean to Emil to be a Contender (56:45)


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