Episode 17: We're all going to die!

The Art of Dying Well

Feb 25 2020 • 54 mins

OK so the title of today's podcast sounds like a line from a dodgy science fiction film but actually there's a serious point to be made. We've all heard the one about the certainties in life - death and taxes - and today we're talking about the former. This podcast focuses on confronting the realities of death and remembering that life is temporary and, at some point, we're all going to die. In Latin, the phrase is memento mori - "remember that you will die".Memento mori has preoccupied the minds of artists for centuries and there are many examples for us to look at. To help us get to grips with our mortality through the world of art and culture we're joined by two quite brilliant guests.First we chat to Patrick van der Vorst - an entrepreneur, dealer and art expert and former winner on BBC's Dragons Den. Add to this that Patrick's studying to be a Catholic priest in Rome and you have the weath of experience needed to take on this topic.Today's 'Death Chatter' is a real treat. In the chair is the marvellous Lynne Hanley. Lynne is an art expert and founder of 'Beyond the Palette' art tours. Packed with personality, she has been described as a ‘sassy raconteuse’ with ‘wonderful insight into paintings’. So come with us as we're reminded of our mortality through the paintbrushes and palettes of some of the world's finest painters.