Episode 9: Music and Consolation

The Art of Dying Well

Dec 19 2017 • 45 mins

Here's our packed 'Art of Dying Well' podcast focusing on how music is vital for our well-being. Whether it acts as the soundtrack to our lives or as consolation at a time of grief, music is at the heart of the human experience. First up we speak to Eric Clarke, Professor of Music at Oxford University about how music can actually be an empathiser - almost a person - in how we listen and respond to it. Next it's 'Death Chatter' and we connect via Skype with Sue Kemple from mylastsoundtrack.com - a really useful online memorial tool. Finally we take in 'The View From The Choirmaster's Chair', a slight departure from the spiritual slot, speaking to Martin Foster, Choral Director at St Mary's University College, London. Martin talks to us about Requiems - the music of mourning. Fascinating, knowledgeable, rousing, soothing and inspiring. Enjoy.