Episode 14: Deathbed Etiquette

The Art of Dying Well

Jul 27 2019 • 43 mins

Today’s podcast focuses on the launch of a new 'Deathbed Etiquette' resource - a guide to help friends and relatives prepare to be at the deathbed of a dying loved one. Dr Amy Gadoud - a palliative care professional and lecturer in palliative medicine - helps us explore deathbed etiquette. As well as being an expert in the field, she has her own personal experience to share with us. 'Death Chatter' features the award-winning LBC presenter Shelagh Fogarty who explains that the death conversation isn’t something new, but that we are entering a new phase, turbo-charged by social media. Finally, today's 'Voice from the Chaplain’s Chair' belongs to Sr Liz Farmer who offers a reflection on ‘finding the spirit’ - with one of her engaging, illustrative stories.