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Hello! Welcome to Writing From Square One: the podcast for those who want to write, but don't know where to start, with Sofia Marie and Georgia Cabelle. We talk all things that come before you get published - from finding your writing community, to motivation, holding yourself accountable and growing brave enough to share your work with others. Georgia is an historical fiction writer based in Perth, Western Australia, who recently completed her 140,000+ word first draft in 8 months. She is an Australian Writers Centre alumni and regularly attends writing groups, workshops and writing festivals. Sofia is the Coordinator of the KSP Writer's Centre in Perth Hills, where this podcast is recorded. She won NaNoWrimo in 2022, writing 50,000 words of her horror-themed novel in a single month; she is also starting her Masters in Creative Writing in 2023. This podcast is proudly supported by Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre. Find us on our Instagram profiles at @sofiamarie_writer and @georgiacabelle_author.

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Coming "Clean" through Poetry - with Scott-Patrick Mitchell!
Oct 20 2023
Coming "Clean" through Poetry - with Scott-Patrick Mitchell!
In this very special episode, Sofia and Georgia speak to the marvellous Scott-Patrick Mitchell, a Boorloo (Perth)-based poet, writer and mentor, about their poetry collection "Clean," which was shortlisted for both Book of the Year at the 2023 WA Premier's Book Awards and in the poetry category at the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards. We talk to Scott-Patrick about not only their experience of composing Clean, but what poetry means to them and how writing - and art as a whole - can bring out the beautiful in the darkest of circumstances. Scott-Patrick also shares their personal tips for emerging poets, as well as what's next in their writing journey. Thank you so much to Scott-Patrick for being on the podcast!DISCLAIMER: This episode refers to Scott-Patrick's journey of methamphetamine addiction and recovery. If you find this topic triggering, please proceed with caution or skip this episode if needed. If you need help, please reach out to services such as WA's Alcohol and Drug Support Line at 1800 198 024.MESSAGE FROM GEORGIA: Towards the end of this episode I mistakingly refer to Scott-Patrick using he/him pronouns - I want to make it clear that Scott-Patrick uses THEY/THEM pronouns, and I apologise to them and listeners for not using them. WFSO is an all-inclusive podcast and guests deserve the right to be referred to by their preferred names and pronouns.Want to get in contact with us? Please find us on our Intagrams @georgiacabelle_author and @sofiamarie_writerKSP Writers Centre website: https://www.kspwriterscentre.com