MOMENT | No time? Do this to be the healthiest you can be with Richie Norton

The Motherkind Podcast

Oct 3 2022 • 8 mins

Welcome back to Motherkind Moment. Moment is your place on a Monday for calm, connection and maybe even a shift in perspective before the week ahead. Today’s Moment is with well-being expert Richie Norton from an episode back in July 2021. We all know what is good for us. Why is it so hard to actually make these things stick? I think about this all the time. I don't think we have a knowledge issue, we have an application issue. I too know exactly what makes me feel good. Yet I can find it so hard to make it into a habit that sticks. That is exactly what I asked Richie and what you are about to hear is his answer. If you haven’t listened to the full episode I highly recommend it. You can listen to the clip by clicking above or the full episode here. ABOUT RICHIE NORTON Richie Norton is an ex-professional rugby player turned yoga and breathwork practitioner. When an injury ended his sports career, he discovered the transformative power of yoga and breathwork and has spent the past 10 years working alongside sports teams, entrepreneurs and personal clients to help them maximise every aspect of their physical and mental health. The Vibe Tribe is Richie’s online community hub where he offers training advice, coaching and life hacks. MOTHERKIND PROGRAMMES AND RESOURCES FREEDOM FROM PERFECTIONISM: Are you ready to find freedom from guilt? Let me help you find Freedom from Perfectionism if you are a mother who has ever felt not quite enough. INSTAGRAM: @zoeblaskey - come engage with Zoe and our community over on Instagram for inspiration, tips, and sometimes a bit of humour to get us through our day.